Ian Tordella Moth & Sons

Gilbert Castellanos Art Meets Jazz

Bonnie Wright The Wright Stuff

Rob Thorsen Rob’s Ride

Top Ten Jazz CDs 2016

12 Best Concerts 2016

Ten Favorite San Diego CDs 2016

Lori Bell The Bell Curve

Carmen Murray Little Drummer Girl

Rockin’ Cranberries

Johnny Steele Drums of Steele

Steph Johnson Homeless Choir

Avant Garde Music Company

Anna Danes Up and Down Year

Joe Marillo Requiem For

Dizzy’s Is A State of Mind

Goodbye to Croce’s Park West

Bonnie Wright, Daniel Atkinson

Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key

Joshua White When Bird Calls

Rob Thorsen at Bread & Salt

Steph Johnson Circus

School of Performing Arts

Mark Dresser Keeps on Steppin’

Forrest Westbrook: Lost Tapes Surface

Steph Johnson Concert for Nepal

Gilbert Castellanos: Young Lions Roam

Mark Dresser: Shows Must Go On

Mark Dresser: Doris Duke Award

Ornette Coleman: 1930-2015

Nathan Hubbard Plays Lorca

Jazz Camp Dream Team

Holly Hofmann’s Jazz Valley

Requiem For Charlie Haden

Pure Daniel: Remembering Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson: We Lost A Giant

Best CD’s of 2014  (AAJ)

UCSD Jazz Camp (Happy Camping)

Best San Diego Jazz CD’s

Top Concerts 2013 San Diego

Best CD’s 2013 (AAJ)

Bass Summit 2013

Gilbert Castellanos Wins Big at San Diego Music Awards

Jazz Joints Where To Hear The Music in S.D.

Leonard Patton’s New York Record

Mark Dresser’s Instructional DVD: Guts

Mark Dresser The Busy Life

98 Bottles: In The Back Room

Best Jazz Concerts 2012 SD Reader

Top Ten Jazz Discs San Diego 2011

Best International Jazz CD’s 2011

Song For His Father: The Wrecking Crew Movie

Jazz Camping at UCSD 2013

Opening Night for Federal Jazz Project

Grading Spotify on Jazz Terms

What Is Jazz Live?

The Top Ten International Jazz Releases 2011

And The Winner Is Lori Bell

Top 15 Jazz Concerts 2011

UCSD And Telematics

Dan Atkinson Total Immersion

Mark Dresser No Rest For





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