CD Reviews

Lori Bell Brooklyn Dreaming

Danny Green Trio Altered Narrative

Ian Tordella Lost Weekend

Forrest Westbrook Trio

Charles McPherson: The Journey

Kenny Wheeler: Songs for Quintet

John Coltrane: Offering Live at Temple University

Gavin Templeton: Some Spinning, Some At Rest

Keith Humble / Bert Turetzky: Kinetic Conversations

Wadada Leo Smith: The Great Lakes Suites

Tony Malaby Tamarindo: Somos Agua

Touch & Go Sextet: Live at the Novara Jazz Festival

Michael Dessen Trio: Resonating Abstractions

Daniel Rosenboom Quintet: Fire Keeper

Diane Moser Quintet: Music for the Last Flower

Jeff Denson and Joshua White: I’ll Fly Away

Peter Sprague String Consort: Dr. Einstein’s Spin

Mark Dresser Quintet: Nourishments

Applebrown Jazz Ensemble: The Way On Up

Holly Hofmann: Low Life

Danny Green Trio: After The Calm

Kronomorfic: Gets Entangled

Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet: Hejira Live

Tomas Fujiwara: The Air Is Different

Elliott Sharp Trio: Aggregat

Third Story: Third Story

Michael Dessen Trio: Forget The Pixel

Vinny Golia Octet: Music For Baritone Saxophone

Kronomorfic: Micro Temporal Infundibula

Bert Turetzky – George Lews – Vinny Golia: Triangulation II

Geoffrey Keezer – Peter Sprague: Mill Creek Road

Domina Catrina Lee: Songs From the Breastbone Drum

Peter Sprague: Calling Me Home

John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension: To the One

Ellen Weller : Spirits, Little Dreams, & Improvisations

Bert & Nancy Turetzky: Spirit Song

Vinny Golia Sextet: Abstractions and Retrocausualities

Diane Moser + Mark Dresser: Duetto

Daniel Rosenboom: Fallen Angeles

Jeff Kaiser + Phil Kaiser: Endless Pie

Michael Vlatkovich: Autobiography of a Pronoun

Rich Halley 4: Crossing the Passes

Vlatkovich Tryyo: Pershing Woman

Nate Jarrell: The Next Chapter

Ensemble Off-n-On: self titled

Dick Wood: Not Far From Here

Russell Bizzett: Dream Street

Teagan Taylor: Hello

Jason Robinson: Tiresian Symmetry

Danny Green A Thousand Ways Home

Crispell, Dresser, Hemingway Play Braxton

Dan Clucas Lost Iguana Ensemble

Wayne Riker Guitar Decathalon

Nobu Stowe Confusion Bleue

Danny Weller Third Story

Danny Green With You in Mind

Iceland vs Borneo

Bobby Bradford Live in LA

Trio M The Guest House

Bonnie Barnett In Between Dreams

Vinny Golia Take Your Time

Chris Acquevella New CD

Leonard Patton Geoffrey Keezer Expressions

Mattson 2 Feeling Hands

Jen Shyu + Mark Dresser Synastry


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