Live Reviews


Christopher Hollyday Gifts

Geoffrey Keezer & Gillian Margot

Joshua White Returns

Camila Meza Double Threat

Fresh Sound of Sara Cahill

Joshua Breakstone Trio

Dependent Origination at Bread & Salt

Stephanie Richards Quintet

Steph Johnson Band

Joshua White Plays Bill Evans

Alan Ferber Quintet

Sandbox Percussion

Joel Harrison Spirit

Stanley Clarke Band

Vinny Golia Nathan Hubbard

Otmaro Ruiz Quintet

SF Jazz Collective

Ingrid Laubrock & Tom Rainey

Geoffrey Keezer & Friends

The Master Touch of Mike Wofford

Joshua White Trio Blurring the Lines

Rob Thorsen at Bread & Salt

Castellanos Last Night at 98

JazzGuitars Under the Stars

Camerahn Alforque Young Lion

Salvant Garde

Aruan Ortiz at Bread & Salt

Joshua White Explores Strayhorn

Al DiMeola’s Fusion Nostalgia

Danny Green: Strings Attached

Curtis Taylor’s Horn of Plenty

Dayna Stephens in La Jolla

Castellanos & The Mambo King

Diane Moser Quintet

Peter Kuhn Trio

Claudia Quintet Rocks the Library

Trio M at Jazz Camp

Gilbert Castellanos At Westgate

Fred Hersch & Anat Cohen

Jones Jones

Joshua White + Jeff Kaiser

Gregory Porter Live

Alicia Olatuja Lights Up the Loft

White Quintet In The Dark

Kenny Barron Trio

Ochs, Johnston, Rempis

Mark Dresser & Barre Phillips

Angles 3 Storm The Loft

Luciana Souza Wows Packed House

Joshua White & Marshall Hawkins

Happily Hofmann

Introducing Katie Thiroux

Roscoe Mitchell Conquers UCSD

Westerlies Blow Into Town

Ralph Alessi Quartet

Joshua White in Pacific Beach

Dianne Reeves at Symphony Hall

Gary Peacock Trio Live

Joshua White (((codes)))

Bradford & Golia: Melody Men

Telematics: Future Jazz

Nathan Hubbard & Friends

Julia Hulsmann Trio Live in La Jolla

Marianne Trudel Trifolia Trio

Chuchito Valdes Dazzles

Andrea Centazzo + Perry Robinson, Motl/Kuhn/Hubbard

Kjell Nordeson Mallet Master

Dave Ballou Gets Free

Joshua White Has a New Quintet

Dresser, Helias: The Marks Brothers

Herbie Hancock + Chick Corea at Symphony Hall

Hanging Up the Tin Hat

Night People Watching

Rickey Woodard: Swings Into Croce’s

Rob Thorsen Trio: Riding the Coltrane

Adam Rudolph Goes Organic

Anthony Davis Solo Piano

J.C. Francois Trio

Rez Abbasi Redeems Fusion

Joshua White Enters a Polyphase

Kyle Motl DMA Bass Recital

Dear Daniel

Live at The Loft The Abbey Rader Quartet

Wadada Leo Smith Ten Freedom Summers Live

Mudhead + Vinny Golia 4 : Double Dose of Free

Red Fish Blue Fish Timber at Bread & Salt

Wadada Leo Smith – Anthony Braxton Trio Live at Zipper Hall

Going Deep with the Greg Osby Four

Joe Chambers Live

Mark Dresser Quintet Transcends

Peter Evans Thrills at The Loft

Joey Baron – Mark Dresser Bass & Drum Brothers

Michael Dessen Trio + Charlie Arbelaez Trio Rock The Loft

Night People Occupy The Loft

Opening the Book of Gratitude

David Borgo – Vinny Golia: Two by Two

Joshua White Quartet Live at Dizzy’s

Nathan Hubbard Trio: At The Loft

Robin Adler Mutts of the Planet: Joni Mitchell Tribute

Ramon Amezcua + Tim Hodgkinson: The Beat Goes On

Dependent Origination: Extending the Outer Limits

Wayne Riker’s Solo Beatles Guitar

Simmering With The Cookers

Nir Felder Quartet Live at Dizzy’s

Chris Speed Trio Live at The Loft

Melissa Aldana Crashes Into La Jolla

Chase Morrin  + Larry Fuller Trios

Peter Sprague & Friends Live at the Saville

Charles Owens Keeping the Flame

John Scofield Gets the Bends

Marty Ehrlich & Ned Rothenberg: Singing Reeds

Mundell Lowe 92 Candles

Marco Eneidi + Gabriel Lauber Boiling the Cosmic Brew

Nathan Hubbard The Scorpion Decides

Gilbert Castellanos Trio Charms the Westgate

Thollem McDonas + Alex Cline Baking at Bread & Salt

Danny Green Trio + Jeff Denson Trio Jazz Jackhammers

Kjell Nordeson Solo

Jeff Ballard Trio Stuns in La Jolla

Danny Weller Salutes Ella

David Negrette The Tribe of D

Henry Franklin Quartet Touchin’ on ‘Trane

Antar Martin Goes Out To Lunch

Randy Brecker Quartet Veterans Benefits

 Daniel Rosenboom + Joshua White & Peter Sprague Doubling

Joe Garrison & Night People At Night

Nicole Mitchell Sun Dial Ensemble

Tord Gustavsen Quartet Sounds in Silence

Jeff Kaiser’s Sound Alchemy

Zeena Parkins Not Your Angel’s Harp

Mike Wofford – Holly Hofmann Beautiful Music

Mark Dresser Solo

Joshua White (((Codes)))

Han Bennink Packs the Loft

Rob Thorsen Solo

Nathan Hubbard Quintet Taoist Sanctuary

Joshua White NYC Quartet

Joshua White Quartet

Mark Dresser Trio The Power of Three

Castellanos – White – Price At The Westgate

Fred Hersch Trio Gets Modern

Joe Garrison and the Night People

New Gary Burton Quartet

Theo Saunders Sextet Live at the Saville

Joshua White Quartet: Jazz Live

Jason Robinson Janus at Dizzy’s

Bert Turetzky & Friends

Louis Hayes Quartet: Jazz Live

Michael Dessen Trio at UC Irvine

Dresser, Melford, Dessen at UCSD

Henry Butler Solo

Jeff Kaiser + Kronomorfic + Mike Keneally UCSD

Rebecca Coupe Franks: Jazz Live

Chick Corea & Gary Burton: at Anthology

Anthony Davis Ensemble at Dizzy’s

Red Holloway Quartet: Jazz Live

Dresser, Ziegler, Maroney at UCSD

Kristin Korb + Cosmologic at UCSD

Oliver Lake Solo

Nneenna Freelon at Jazz Live

Mark Dresser Quintet live at Dizzy’s

John Abercrombie Quartet at Anthology

Van Morrison at the Civic Theater

Dave Liebman at Anthology

Curtis Fuller at Jazz Live

Jazz 88 Ocean Beach Jazz Festival

Matt Slocum Trio at Jazz Live

3rd Annual Double Bass Summit

Kendra Shank at Jazz Live

Mundell Lowe at the Saville

 Bobby Watson at Jazz Live

Joshua White Trio Exponential Ascension

Gilbert Castellanos Does Wayne Shorter

Gilbert Castellanos ‘Trane Tribute

Gilbert Castellanos The Force Was With Them

Gilbert Castellanos SRO at Seven Grand

Joshua White Does Monk

Joshua White Quartet A Night of Monk

Joshua White Trio Burning at Dizzy’s

re: trio live at the new Dizzy’s

Schachter Seven Live

Ben Schachter Quartet at Jazz Live

Joshua White at the Museum of Art

Double Trios Live at Dizzy’s

Improvisers Summit Ascend at 98 Bottles

Dresser-Melford-Dessen-Mitchell Live

Trio M: Packed House in La Jolla

 Dresser Quintet plus Bobby Bradford Angel City

Mark Dresser’s Night at the Museum

Diane Moser + Mark Dresser Art of the Duo

Diane Moser Quartet Lights Up Back Room

Mark Lessman Quartet Live

Jason Robinson Tiresian Rapture

Ian Tordella Returns to the Back Room

Ben Wanicur at 3rd Space

Ben Wanicur Quartet at Dizzy’s

Ian Tordella Quintet Rocks the House

DGQ + Ian Tordella at The Loft

Ian Tordella + Mattson 2 Live in Shell Town

In Motion Trio + Mattson 2 SRO at Dizzy’s

Lorraine Castellanos Thrills Packed House

Lorraine Castellanos Salutes Eydie

Golia + Hubbard –Borgo+ Kangas at Villa Musica

David Borgo Asks “Why Music?”

David Borgo In Carlsbad

Vinny Golia at the Museum of Making Music

Jeff Kaiser Conducts Ockadektet

Jeff Kaiser/ Peter Sprague Scorch The Loft

Sprague Quartet Light Up Liberty Hall

Bop Moderno at 98 Bottles

Bop Moderno Sells Out Concert

Brian Levy + Mikan Zlatkovich Live at Dizzy’s

Levy + Zlatkovich In the Back Room

Zlatkovich Soars at Dizzy’s

Jamie Shadowlight Live at Dizzy’s

Zlatkovich Brings Fusion to Life

Pat Metheny Unity Group Brings Magic

Jaime Valle Jazz Live

James Farm Wows Anthology Crowd

Dave Douglas Live at TSRI 2013

Billy Mintz Quintet Live at the Saville

Joshua White Debuts New Group at Dizzy’s

Matt Hall’s Tribute to Duke

Jeff Hamilton Trio Benefit for KSDS

Kornel-Fekete Kovacs Quintet Live

Athenaeum Jazz: Larry Goldings Trio

Jaime Valle and the Colors of Latin Jazz

Fresh Sound: Solo Cello in the Barrio

Tonga Ross-Ma’u Trio + 1

Rebecca Jade Group in the Back Room

Joe Marillo Salutes Gary Lefebvre

Mark Dresser: Art of the Contrabassz

Coast Bop: Full House Debut

Teagan Taylor Group at Hooley’s Irish Pub

Matt Slocum Trio

Allison Adams Tucker Full House

Barbara Dennerlein + Daniel Jackson in Balboa Park

Joshua White Quintet Making Art

Brian Levy Takes the Coltrane

Joshua White Quintet In the Moment

Jazz 88 All Stars at the Saville

Gilbert Castellanos Night of the Cookers

Ben Schachter’s Occidentia Live in P.B.

Mike Wofford The Touch of a Master

Joshua White Goes It Alone

Pride of Young Lions at Dizzy’s

George Colligan Trio Live in La Jolla

Bert Turetzky + Chuck Perrin Words & Music

Kwassman Sextet Storms Dizzy’s 2013

Steph Johnson Trio at Jazz Live

Castellanos Salutes Dinah Washington

Jim Storey Storeylines Live

Roni Ben-Hur Live at The Studio

Ian Tordella’s Tenor Madness

Anthony Wilson Guitar Quartet

Rob Thorsen Trio Live

Ben Wanicur Quartet Live at Dizzy’s

Jeff Parker Trio Fresh Sound in East Village

Mark Dresser Quintet The Shape of Jazz

Jason Moran & The Bandwagon

Anthony Smith CD Release Party

Gyan Riley Exploring Solo Guitar

Danny Janklow Quintet Live

Song X Tribute

Geoffrey Keezer Jazz Live

Future Jazz: Telematics at UCSD

Robin Adler For the Roses

Gerald Clayton Live in La Jolla

Fresh Sound: Rez Abbasi Live

Joshua White, Tripp Sprague, Gunnar Biggs at the Westgate

Peter Kuhn: Dependent Origination

Fresh Sound: Carl Stone in the East Village

Ellen Weller + Joshua White at Palomar College

ARC Trio in Sorrento Valley

Joe Garrison’s Night People in the Back Room

Rudresh Mahanthappa Gamak Live

Jeff Denson + Joshua White Project

Danny Green Does Chick Corea

Joshua White Spiral at The Loft

David Borgo + Joshua White at Villa Musica

Nathan Hubbard Along Came A Spider

Gilbert Castellanos Tribute to Monk Sells Out

Castellanos, Sprague, Thorsen at the Westgate

Vibraphone Summit at the new Dizzy’s

Daniel Jackson at the new Dizzy’s

Kamau Kenyatta at The Loft

Erik Deutsch Band Smokin’ In the East Village

Reka Parker Quartet with Joe Marillo

Free Jazz Double Bill at UCSD

Castellanos, White & Price at Westgate

Bennink, Dresser, Oliver Fresh Sound at Space 4 Art

Sinne Eeg Delivers

Mundell Lowe, Jamie Valle, Jim Ferguson, Ramon Banda

Castellanos Reunion Concert

David Negrete and The Tribe of D

Ian Tordella Twin Tenors

Todd Reynolds Fresh Sound

Matt Wilson Reinventing X-Mas Music

Joe Garrison SRO for the Night People

Michael Dessen Resonating Abstractions Live

JazzMikan Live

Daniel Jackson’s Mastery

Castellanos, Keezer, Thorsen at the Westgate

Nathan Hubbard’s Passengers Live in East Village

Piano Summit at Dizzy’s Part 1

Piano Summit at Dizzy’s Part 2

Two Trios at 98 Bottles

Mahesh Balasooriya, Gilbert Castellanos, Marshall Hawkins

Joshua White, Mark Dresser, Dan Schnelle in La Jolla

Gregoire Maret at The Loft

Philippe Manoury Fresh Sound

Castellanos, Wofford, Price Dazzling at the Westgate

Karl Berger Live at UCSD

Joshua White Quintet Live 2012

Hristo Vitchev at 98 Bottles

Fresh Sound Ken Filiano + Anders Nilsson

Mundell Lowe A Purity of Expression

Third Story Growth of a Band

Daniel Jackson Touch of Master Live

Mike Garson Electric Band

Fresh Sound Electronic Mayhem

Robin Adler Doing Joni Mitchell Proud

Jaime Valle Heads Wes

Leonard Patton Honors Michael Jackson

Peter Sprague Last Train Home

Besos de Coco Draw Full House

Brian Levy Rick Hollander Group

Tommy Holladay Quintet

Brian, Mikan, Gilbert Group Collaborate

Turiya Mareya at the World Beat Center

Castellanos + Zollar Another Night of the Cookers

Anthology Summer Institute Concert

Steph Johnson Trio + Dave Millard

Lounge Art Ensemble Live

Glenn Cashman Quartet at Jazz Live

Fran Hartshorn Delights Packed House

Billy Thompson Blues at Jazz Live

Danilo Perez at the Athenaeum

soundOn Festival in La Jolla

Mimi Fox + Rob Thorsen Jazz Live

Gilbert Castellanos Crowd Cheers

SD Vocal Quartet Strong Debut

John Reynolds plays Wynton Marsalis

Solo Percussion by David Shively

Triokinesis More than the Sum

Castellanos & The Legends in PB

Sprague & Patton Light It Up

Kenny Barron’s Masterful Solo Recital

Mundell Lowe’s Organ Quartet

Jaime Valle’s Equinox

Nicole Mitchell Sparkles at UCSD

Brad Mehldau Trio Sold Out Show

Joshua White + Marshall Hawkins Connections

Nathan Hubbard’s Translation Succeeds

Mundell Lowe Marks Milestone

Road Work Ahead Reunion

SDSU Jazz Ensemble at City

Steph Johnson Trio in the Back Room

Vinny Golia + Rick Helzer Small Crowds

Chano Dominguez Flamenco Sketches

Castellanos Joins LeFebvre

Pat Martino’s Triumphant Return

Dave Scott in National City

Daniel Jackson at McCrea Music

Ben Goldberg’s Three Way Conversation

Third Story Elevates Crowd

Kurt Rosenwinkel Live

Allison Adams Tucker at Jazz Live

Bert Turetzky’s Tango Experience

Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians

Paul Keeling at 98 Bottles

Bennink Quartet Magic in La Jolla

Danny Green Trio at The Loft

White, Livingston & Schnelle Live

One Man Country Blues

Mundell Lowe Age is Just a Number

Steph Johnson Live in North Park

Peter Sprague Einstein’s Spin Live

A Tale of Two Concerts at the Loft

Hofmann & Wofford Turn in La Jolla

Bert Turetzky Beethoven at Dizzy’s

Jeff Kaiser Conducts Birthday

Nate Jarrell CD Release Gig

Robin Adler SRO for Joni

Mark Dresser Inspiraling at UCSD

Patton, Keezer Night to Remember

Roseanna Vitro at Saville

Eliane Elias at Anthology

Jazz 88 OB Music Fest

Joseph Howell at Turquoise

Gilbert Castellanos Jazz on Tap

Charles McPherson Burns Bright

Eric Reed Trio Something Beautiful

Dizzy’s Weekend Concert Trifecta

Rob Thorsen Quartet Swings Spongebob

Gilbert Castellanos Jam-Packed Jam Session

Scott Martin Band “Souled Out”

Theo Saunders Sextet Scorchin’ at the Saville

Charles McPherson Jaw Dropping Virtuosity

Joshua White Doing Monk at the Saville

Elliott Sharp House Concert

Jason Robinson Send Off Concert







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